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Your Body.
Life is fluid. How you are and feel today doesn’t determine how you will be in a few weeks/months/years from now.

Our wellbeing is also fluid as we have the power to adjust and bring balance to our lives. It all begins with the small decisions we make each day.


Focusing on physiological function as a marker of health, rather than merely the presence of markers of disease. Specific laboratory tests aim to evaluate an individual’s health status by measuring how the physiology of the body is functioning, rather than simply looking for signs of disease, as many, more traditional, health practitioners do. Laboratory tests can be extremely useful in identifying what may be contributing to health issues, resulting in faster successful outcomes by facilitating the development of personal targeted nutritional programmes.

Dietitian Consultation

Dietitian Consultation

At TODAY Fitness, we strive to make each consultation as beneficial and enjoyable as possible. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to nutrition. Since every client is unique, we tailor each consultation to ensure that the plan is practical, sustainable, and compatible with your lifestyle. Your dietitian consultation should be a private space where you can discuss any dietary concerns or questions you may have. This is an opportunity to DISCOVER YOUR BEST YOU. We believe that eating should be enjoyable, and education is imperative. This is the start of YOUR JOURNEY.

DEXA Scan (Body Composition)

DEXA Scan (Body Composition)

Our premium technology-enabled facility includes the novel Horizon® DXA system, which enables us to offer the BodyLogic™ scan and Advanced Body Composition® Assessment to our members. These services provide comprehensive measurement and assessment of the bone density, lean mass, and fat mass, which ultimately helps in defining the best fitness plans for our members.

The DEXA Body Composition scan informs our trainers to create personalised fitness and nutritional plans, based on the desired goals, be it weight loss or optimising performance.

Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Consultation

We take a holistic approach to help you discover YOUR BEST YOU by backing your training with the most sustainable nutritional advice. We start by conducting targeted tests that assess your current lifestyle, eating habits, genetics, body type, personality type, career and related stress levels, past traumas, and other underlying factors that impact your nutrition and health.


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